Overseas Production Companies.

Shooting abroad offers you many benefits including exotic scenery and landscapes, varying climates and cultures that may be a requirement of your production.

Foreign countries present different risks which need special consideration as well as some unanticipated costs that productions may incur

  • Cast, Crew & Directors.
  • Cancellation & Abandonment.
  • Commercial Vehicle Physical Damage.
  • Cover for Time Element Losses caused by interruption or postponement of your filming schedule.
  • Employers Liability.
  • Loss or Damage to Technical Equipment Worldwide.
  • Loss or Damage to Props / Set / Wardrobe & Costumes Worldwide.
  • Production Office Contents.
  • Loss or Damage to Exposed / Unexposed Film Negatives Worldwide.
  • Travel Insurance for Cast & Crew.
  • Errors & Omissio.
  • Contingency.